Pic by Marcela Gómez

Alimaña is a independent vintage clothing brand that a friend and I co-created as a fashion alternative for people who does not fit in stereotypes or who just want to express themselves through style.



Alimaña in Spanish, is a word used to identify species of the animal world that have confusing or difficult to describe traits and is also a qualifying adjective given to people whose behavior is rejected by society.

Alimaña is all the weirdos we decided to be ourselves regardless of the acceptance of the rest.

We have designed the logo in collaboration with my partner, in it we express our inclination for distortion and how that can be something authentic and graceful.

Our content looks for bold and minimal aesthetics that emphasise the uncommon.

We have a strong statement and we want to know and reach people who share it with us, that’s why we are making a video series featuring artists and people who have a voice about fashion and art.