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Aviatur is one of the best known travel and tourism agencies around the world and its concept and communication is renewed.
We reached the conclusion that it is not like before, we can not pigeonhole into a stereotype, time changed us and we are as different as the things we like.  And as for traveling, there is no predetermined way to do it, now we are looking for unique experiences, we are no longer simple tourists.
So if we are so different, why not travel differently?

ES. Aviatur es una de las agencias de viajes y turismo más conocidas alrededor del mundo y querían renovar su concepto y comunicación. Llegamos a la conclusión que ya no es como antes, no podemos encasillarnos en un estereotipo, el tiempo nos cambió y somos tan distintos como las cosas que nos pueden gustar. Y en cuanto a viajar, no hay una forma predeterminada de hacerlo, ahora buscamos experiencias únicas, ya no somos simples turistas, entonces si somos diferentes, ¿Por qué viajar igual?

In this campaign I worked in the concept and made the copywriting and video editing. The first video was part of our proposal and the second was the final campaign video edited by other team.

Aviatur New Campaign Concept
Copywriting, video editing and animation, 2019