SAMANTHA MILLOWS                                                                                    

Multi-disciplined graphic designer and photographer exploring between visual arts and music.



Endless Rhythm
Waking Life Installation Application

by Not so much free time

Not so much free time is a Berlin based duo of visual artists working on the fields of photography, video, installation and experimental forms of image.

Samantha Millows (Bogotá, Colombia) is a graphic designer, and multidiciplinary visual artist working on the fields of music, culture and art.

Valentin Wedde (Berlin, Germany) is a photographer, Artist and researcher working increasingly on gentrification and the culture of electronic music.

Endless Rhythm

Is not about music never stopping, is about a constant vibration of million of frequencies resonating together with nature and music.

Frequencies connecting, combining, changing.
A chain of sysnestesic effects.
Transformation of movement.
Infinite transitions.
A whole existence.
Multiple universes.

The installation consists of a video projection in layers of traslucid fabric, that create a tridimensional effect in which every layer change the effect of the next one.

Installation at an abandoned energy plant. Berlin. 2022

Every night the installation changes into a new concept, or idea of topics in abstract video representations.

We have created the first 3 nights already as an example:
* Not necessarily in that order

Night 1: Affective Trace
Abstract images, geometry, glitch and shape animations create a spectrum through every layer

Installation at an abandoned energy plant. Berlin. 2022

Night 2: Rhythm/ Mixing records

Valentin have made pictures of our friends dancing and by an scannography process he created different shapes of them, we bring together his visual research into a narrative of dancing people in a frency.

Also he selected record labels and scanned them together creating mixes between them in a visual way. The physical process of scanning resembles the physical process of mixing in turntables, but what we see in the projection is only the results of this scanning proccess.


Night 3: Automagicalley Special Feature

Automagicalley is a music project from Bogotá by Samantha Millows aka theories and Adi.

Here we present a feature of the “Beat from the heart” series, where we create audiovisual pieces which are a collaboration between a musican, dj or producer and a visual artist.

Beat From the Heart is n initiative that comes from the need of organizing and generating collective and artistic actions with social impact, starting from the heart with the same heartbeat.

This mix continues with the crowdfunding to preserve the traditions of the indigenous people and bring resources for the ones in a state of vulnerability with priority given to children and teenagers, disabled, women heads of household, people displaced by violence and older adults in The Sierra Nevada in Santa Marta, Colombia.

Funds in Europe will go to the foundation's paypal account and in South America directly to their savings account.

Night 4: Digital Ascension
A reflection from different perspectives into the future dynamics of technology.
Still in progress.

Night 5: In progress.


Time and location:
Night time.
Ideally in the woods but since is possible to rain, an indoor location would be better, we don’t know the space yet so we can’t be certain about the place the installation will take, but we have the following measures:

H: 4 m
B: 3 to 4 m
L: 6 m


For the fabric installation we have everything.
If we don’t have the possibility of access to a projector through the festival organiser, we need to know in advance since we are based in Berlin, so we can organize one in Portugal.

We are artists and music is one of the most important sources of inspiration for us. We would love to be part of the festival with our installation, and to participate actively in the future.

Thank you for your time and see you soon.

Sam and Valentin.