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LDGV004Split Series Down Under Coming soon
Record label design, 2019
Julio Victoria Live Band Ireland Tour
Poster  design, 2019
Alimaña Clothing Launch in Barcelona (Various versions)
Poster design, 2019
Street typeface
Photography, 2019

Street Photography II
Archihtecture, Photography, 2019
Alimaña New Collection of sweaters
Fashion, Photography, 2016

Lay Down the Groove
Logotype, 2016
Gig Posters for Lay Down the Groove
Poster design , 2019
Modo Avión -Airplane Mode- for my electronic music
Poster design, 2019

Concept posters for Modo Avión a party of Automagicalley
Poster design, 2019
Rainy Melty. A rainy day on LSD
Poster design, 2019
Say yes to Noise
Poster design, 2019

It’s all about taste
Leaflet design, 2019
Alimañas of the world
Poster series, 2018
May for Alimaña Clothing
Fashion/ Photography, 2018
Vinylism for Alimaña Clothing
Poster design/ Event production, 2017

Milk, a experimental project about movement
Photography/ Record label design, 2017

Urban Close Up
Photography, 2016

Content production and communication for Audiotecna
Creative direction/ Copywriting/ Graphic design/Video production/ Photography, 2016
Aviatur. Los ojos del viajero
Concept/ Copywrriting/ Video editing, 2017

Night Life
Photography, 2012-now