SAMANTHA MILLOWS                                                                                    

Multi-disciplined graphic designer and photographer exploring between visual arts and music.



Selected Works for Hamburger Community Application

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To showcase the project videos effectively, I've chosen to host them on this website.

This application presents a significant opportunity for both my professional and personal growth. Is the white canvas for putting together the methods and dynamics that define my personality, skills, and work approach.

Rotterdam holds a special place in my heart, I’ve been visiting this city every year since 2017 when I was still living in Colombia and it has so much potential and space for exploration and inclusive ideas that when I saw this open call I couldn't resist applying.

While I have a deep affection for Berlin, I anticipate missing it. The city, however, has started to feel saturated, with a decline in the quality of proposals due to the vast array of art and music events. This aspect wasn't mentioned in the questionnaire.

We've organized a few events in Berlin, and the positive response we received indicated that there's a gap in the city's current offerings, but it's undoubtedly a challenging and long journey. We won't give up, but we also don't want to force it.

To move to Rotterdam with the opportunity of experiment and share this experience together with other artists, maybe from other different places of Europe or the world, it feels refreshing and motivating. 

On this page, you'll find a curated selection of works I've produced over the past five years. Whether collaborating or working solo, my aim is always to infuse each project with a distinct concept and purpose. As the graphic designer in charge, I emphasize the significance of aesthetics and visual impact because of my profound passion for it, and because it resonates with people.

I appreciate your time, and I hope you enjoy exploring my work.

Photo by me

Machines, Dreams and Rhythm
Radio Recidency Threads Radio
London, 2023

The concept of this recidency is inspired on the relationship with machines that musicans had in the 90’s and on how the futuristic view of technology, nature and space translates into sound.

Endless Rhythm
Live Audiovisual Installation
Waking Life, Portugal, 2023

Memories Never Fade
Exhibition, Song writing
Halle, Germany, 2023

Ambient Rave
Exhibition, Song writing
Halle, Germany, 2023

Re-activation Chocolate Factory
Curatorship, Concept, Design
Bogotá, 2018-2020

After Silence Listening session
Concept and idea, graphic design and production
Bogotá, Colombia 2020

Street intervention in Bogotá in pro of Life
Production, Performance, Curatorship
Bogotá, 2020

Sustainable Clothing brand and artistic platform
Concept, Design, Production, Curatorship
Bogotá, 2017-2020

Vinyl trading market
Design, Concept, Curatorship, Production
Bogotá, 2017-2020

The Location Archive
Exhibition Dust Gallery
Bogotá, Colombia 2021

The Location Archive is a photographic archive from Google Street View I’ve been doing since 2018.

Exhibition Dust Gallery
Bogotá, Colombia 2021

Ragpickin is a selection of my photographs between 2017 and 2021.

Automagicalley Beat From the Heart
Concept, video edition, curatorship, collaboration

Beat From The Heart is an initiative that comes from the need to organize and generate collective and artistic actions with social impact.
We collaborated with an ONG to organize a crowdfunding where visual and sound artists build an audiovisual piece and stream it in an online event with the aim to preserve the traditions of the indigenous people and bring resources for the ones in a state of vulnerability with priority given to children and teenagers, disabled, women heads of household, people displaced by violence, and older adults in The Sierra Nevada in Santa Marta, Colombia.

Funds in Europe will go to the foundation's paypal account and in South America directly to their savings account.
All incoming money is controlled by the foundation manager and everything done with the money will be documented.